Shipping & Returns

 Shipping & Returns Policy
Thank you for visiting and shopping at Solviva Tribal Rugs.

Shipping is free to most places within the U.S. Anywhere else, please get in touch with us. ( )                                                 Delivery usually takes one to two weeks.                                                                                               


If for any reason you wish to return this item, please do so within 2 weeks after it was delivered to you. 

After we receive your return item, and we confirm that the item is still in same condition as it was, then we will issue you a refund as follows:

90% of the purchase price is refunded to you through PayPal.

10% of purchase price is retained by us as a modest Return Fee, to help cover some of our expenses associated with returns.

In order to start a return process, please contact us at:

774-563-0898    or